Our Principals

About Guardrisk

Guardrisk Insurance is a ‘cell captive’ insurance company specialising in alternative risk transfer. It is subsidary of MMI Holdings. It began in South Africa 1992 as the world’s first cell captive insurer. It has a superb track record, as it added additional services to its suite of offerings. It established an actuarial team to begin offering actuarial services, and expanded operations to Mauritius. Alexander Forbes then acquired Euroguard Insurance Company, a cell captive insurer based in Gibraltar, thus expanding the reach of Guardrisk.

Along the way, Guardrisk Insurance has received enviable recognition for its services and the way it does business. It has been awarded A+ financial strength ratings for three years running, was rated the ‘top alternative risk transfer’ insurer in a survey in South Africa undertaken every 2 years by PriceWaterhouseCoopers since 2006.

The basic approach of Guardrisk is to provide a three-fold service to clients, encompassing insurance and risk management. Its central focus is on assisting companies in insuring and financing their risk exposures. They study the companies` risk exposures and then come up with customised solutions to look after their needs. These solutions contain three elements, namely preventative measures, predictable risk and catastrophic risk.

Guardrisk was confirmed as the world’s top captive insurance group in 2009. So what is the concept of cell captive insurance? It’s essentially based on equity participation, where a cell captive insurer offers underwriting services, claims and investment management, and accounting services to client companies, known as cell owners. Effectively, the clients each own their own mini insurance company, while escaping administrative and other costs.

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